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Sugarlawn is a work of interactive fiction I wrote in 2018-19 and published in 2019.  It’s a timed treasure hunt game where the goal is to collect as much cash as possible via the valuables you pick up. Sugarlawn was inspired by Ryan Veeder’s Captain Verdeterre’s Plunder.  The cover photo is by MSMcCarthy Photography.


  • 4th place – 2019 Interactive Fiction Competition
  • 1st place – Miss Congeniality, 2019 Interactive Fiction Competition.  (The Miss Congeniality side competition is based on the authors’ votes.)
  • Nominee, Best Puzzles, 2019 XYZZY Awards
  • Nominee, Best Implementation, 2019 XYZZY Awards

Reviews and Other Mentions

Places in Which I Discuss the Game


Some Quotes

  • “Let me stress that the game is a lot of fun.” – Victor Gijsbers, the Gaming Philosopher blog
  • “Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.” – Stian,
  • “an excellent puzzle and optimisation game” – Dannii Willis,
  • “I do love this game, it is extremely addictive!” – Sarah-Adams,
  • “It’s like shrimp and grits, a potentially bland base given an explosive blast of flavour, spice, and Southern charm, with sweet, strong coffee to keep you going back for more.” – Christopher Huang, Breakfast Reviews
  • “I think people will be playing this one for years.” – MathBrush, IFDB

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